Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Steampunk; Myths and Legends

Okay just entered another challenge (my entry work in progress) today called Steampunk; Myths and Legends I hope to do something amazing having never done that before its a strecth but hey why not I've got nothing to lose! But everything to gain so check out the challenge on CGTALK.COM and take a look at all the great artist there it's very inspiring!

I think I'll be doing my previz in 2d format before I jump into this as the last challenge went sour due to my overlooking the fine details. I will be using Maya predominately and I'm sure most of my render time will be consumed with Mental Ray so we'll see. Please check back often thanks!


Here's an update of what I will be attempting to do for my entry in the challenge follow the link above for more updates.

Willy Wonka and the Steampunk Factory


The Origin of Hendrick Van Der Decken
will now be my theme as he is and or was the captain of the Flying Dutchman here is a visual.


Hendrick Van Der Decken Concept drawing


Playing around with getting this mechanical ocean thing together.


Just an update of Van DerDecken ..... Still chipping away!


A little update, still fleshing out the vessel but getting there. Hoping to get some texturing and lighting out of the way this week but I don't know


Nearing the end of this project s time runs thin I've decided to leave the captain for another day a focus on what really matters so still got lots of work to do but getting closer none the less!


In this image I wanted to depict a moment in time where the cursed ghost ship could be seen charging through the ocean. I wanted to give the ship life through a steampunk eye and make it seem as though the ship and the ocean were in battle.This is my take on the Flying Dutchman and the metallic ocean in which it is cursed to sail forever.

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