Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Old project underway

Despite the fact that my time is always limited I still feel the need to do an extra project. Fletcher is fully underway and you may see updates early 2010. Its a good looking project in my opinion and when you see it I'll hope that you would agree. We will start promoting it later on next year in hopes to make it to print.
So in the gaps of time where I found myself doing only a job or two I try to throw in a 3d project. This originally started as one of those creepy industrial scenes and to be honest I think the end result wont be too far from that. Instead of adding a character that I had worked on briefly that was kinda scary look'n I've decided to shape this scene for a some what new character persona in the shape of a little boy named Pronto. I'll explain more about him as his life unfolds, just know that he seems to be finding a way into allot of my works.