Tuesday, November 11, 2014

More DCon Awesomeness!

So I went to Designer Con....as a vendor hahaha yeah first time for everything I suppose.
Well me the wife Pronto and my dear friend Leon Gittens had an amazing time learned so much and met some of the most amazing people. I hope to do these kinds of events more often!!!
A special thanks to Eva and Danielle over at A Little Known Shop for cranking out my little Pronto buttons for the show!!!!! Hot cakes I tell you Hot cakes!!!
On the list of great and amazing people are the things created by them.

 This Mini Martian Created by "Wicked Master Mind" out of Oakland Ca. Really cool little guy made of clear resin super hard to get a decent picture of but pretty detailed in person! Check out his work on instagram #WickedMasterMind  Him and his wife Mrs Wicked Master Mind are great and amazing people who are due to have a baby Wicked Master Mind!!! I you well!

Who likes Boobies? 

I do hahaha Another pretty awesome friend from the Bay has made her talent known to the world by way of some pretty Awkward Boobies, Tu-Anh Nguyen sweet and full of humor has created something to smile at! Check her work out at Tu-anhnguyen.tumblr.com

Pretty stoked about this here! Not really so much because of the art though it is pretty dope!Nathan Ota btw sick business! Its more so the experience I shared with others while attaining it! Some people are truly very warm at heart and possess the ability to motivate others through kindness. All I have to say is thank you I hope to meet and go beyond the standards you've set out for me.

Thank you to all of the great people I had a chance to meet and talk shop with hope to see all of you soon!